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WHAT DO THE EXPERTS SAY? (Click to read more) Parents & Experts have called this award-winning book ‘the perfect solution’ to teach children social skills and manners in this fast-paced digital world.

Trick-or-Treat with Kindness and Respect!

A few simple rules to review with your children before enjoying the Halloween festivities! Obey the Halloween code. This means only go to houses that are well lit and look like a Halloween friendly home. Respect personal property. Use the right path to the house and...
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Why We Need to Unplug with Our Kids!

Our children are spending significant hours on electronic devices every day! While technology can be a wonderful tool, have we gone too far? Research shows how addicting technology can be. It also shows how kids are not developing the social skills and important life...
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The SMART Back to Basics Summer Project. Slow Steps with BIG Results!

I’ve spoken to hundreds of parents and everyone seems to have the same complaint. How do we get our kids off electronics and back to basics? How do we teach them to connect with people on a deeper level? How do we teach them to search for a solution using their minds...
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Summer Reading List For Your Preschooler

      With summer break around the corner, it's time to think of things to occupy the kiddos! Reading and activity books are a great resource for all those "I'm bored" moments. We have compiled a list of wonderful books that create some fantastic...
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Calling all Dads to Play it SMART this Summer? Mr. Dad Seal of Approval!

Five years ago, when we first launched The SMART Playbook, Armin Brott (a leading authority on fatherhood) recognized our book with the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval. The Mr.Dad Seal of Approval award was launched to recognize products and services, including toys, that...
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