Technology Talk

Internet safety and responsible usage
Putting your phone away & paying attention to those talking to you? There’s an App for that, it’s called Respect.

Game Plan #5 – Technology Talk6

What happens when we combine the internet and etiquette. You get NETIQUETTE – also known as technology and manners. This game plan teaches your child how to be a great digital citizen by showing good character online and following technology netiquette. Click below to learn more.

Features & Benefits
  • The do’s and don’ts of netiquette
  • Basic internet safety
  • Cyberbully prevention plays
  • How to effectively communicate in a face-to-computer environment
  • Finding your digital manners
  • Decoding texting and emoticons
  • The importance of balancing your time
  • BONUS! A technology code of conduct guide
  • Fun and interactive games and challenges so that your child can work independently
  • The SMART contract to motivate your child
  • Certificate of completion
  • Methods included in The SMART Playbook will help your child gain confidence, integrity and empathy
How to Play?

The SMART Playbook is an educational workbook set up in a game-format. Key elements of the game will make it fun, easy and useful for your child to learn and grow. Recommended for ages 7-12. Your child is the player, the book is the guide, and you are the coach.

  1. The Game Plan – Set up with easy, concise  challenges and rule breakers throughout. The player (your child) learn and earn tickets as they complete challenges.
  2. SMART Contract – Together with your child, you use the contract in the front of the book to outline the ticket goals and the prize for achieving their goal.
  3. Ticket Tally Board – In the back of each chapter, keep track of the number of tickets your child earns. Simply check off the ticket box after they complete challenges.
  4. Winning Play Reviews – A quick summary of all the key life skill lessons learned.

Ready to get in the game yet?1

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Ready to Get in the Game?
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