The SMART Playbook

Game-changing life skills for a modern world


795x1480The world is changing faster than ever before. Parents and children are busier and technology has presented newMCA_Gold_Label_2in_72dpi_Web copy challenges we must face. But with all the texting, emailing, and posting, are children developing the social skills that will be required for life-long happiness, confidence and success? The SMART Playbook introduces the basics of social skills for the modern world and it packed with more than 100 games and challenges to keep your child motivated.



5 SMART Topics!

The SMART Playbook is your child’s guide to five key topics:

SOCIAL SKILL BASICS – The principles of modern manners
MEALTIME MANNERS – A guide to mealtime etiquette
ART OF CONVERSATION – Eloquent face-to-face conversational skills
RESTAURANT BEHAVIOR – The finer points of restaurant conduct
TECHNOLOGY TALK – Internet safety and responsible usage

Sneak Peek Inside!

The SMART Playbook

The Complete Series - BEST VALUE!
  • Five SMART game lessons to help your child succeed
  • Social Skill Basics – The principles of modern manners
  • Mealtime Manners – A guide to mealtime etiquette
  • Art of Conversation – Eloquent face-to-face conversational skills
  • Restaurant Behavior – The finer points of restaurant conduct
  • Technology Talk – Internet safety and responsible usage
  • More than 100 fun games & challenges
  • A collaborative effort. Your child does the work and you help coach!
  • BONUS! Five how-to guides
  • Your child will gain confidence, character, integrity and empathy
  • 168 pages in a 8 1/2 x 11 educational workbook format

The SMART Playbook - by topic

1 out of 5 Topics - GREAT INTRO!
  • The custom game plan approach: choose one SMART lesson out of five.
  • Game plans to choose from:  Social Skill Basics, Mealtime Manners, Art of Conversation, Restaurant Behavior, Technology Talk
  • A great way to introduce your family to The SMART Playbook series.
  • Learn all the do’s and don’ts by topic
  • A collaborative effort. Your child does the work and you help coach!
  • Fun & interactive games & challenges throughout.
  • BONUS! Five how-to guides from the complete series
  • Your child will gain confidence, character, integrity and empathy
  • Topic available an ebook download or on amazon
  • 55 pages educational workbook
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As a pediatrician, I work with children and their parents everyday. The SMART Playbook offers a practical guide to building social skills in a fun and engaging format. A great tool to help children and their families.

Dr. Karen Beckman, Riverside Pediatrics

The SMART Playbook is a smart, relatable resource. I TRULY love the whole concept. Parents can make sure their children develop vital social skills while having a fun experience with their kids. The information is very helpful and the tone is pitch-perfect.

Dr. Andrea B. Archibald, Child Psychologist and Chief Girl Expert, Girl Scouts of the USA

Parent Comments from GOODREADS

Claudia EugenieI can imagine many parents to be relieved.

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Penni DuboisLooks like a good guide to aid parents in this fast paced world.

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Devon WilliamsA lot of good ways to teach in the now in this book.

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message 4: by Jean

Jean FisherNobody wants to see their children get looked down upon by their peers and authority figures but so many parents are either unaware of how very important training such as this book presents is or they don’t know how to go about doing it. The “social graces” are NOT “dead”! Unfortunately, they seem to have become a tool only the wealthiest class knows how to wield but, in truth, EVERYONE can and SHOULD be familiar with them. In today’s job market, you need every single advantage you can pull out of your hat in order to succeed and the things this book teaches can absolutely become some of the most important weapons in one’s job-seeking (and “keeping”) arsenal.

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Ross WintersThese are all great subjects that children should be taught in and this sounds like a fantastic way to teach them.

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SReneeAny book that prepares children for the real world is a good and one that needs to be shared with children.

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KatyI wouldn’t mind having these books to use with my daughter.

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Nicolas LaubeWith all the influence in today’s world especially of the Internet, it is a real struggle to teach your kids the right values.
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