Those of us lucky enough to have grandmothers and grandfathers know how important and influential they can be in our development. In honor of National Grandparent’s Day, I decided to sit down and write a list of all the reasons why my grandparents were the best!

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 They’ll cover for you no matter what!

Grandparents have your back. Someone once said, “When grandparents enter the door, discipline flies out the window.” The last thing they want is to see you get into trouble. My grandparents would always defend me when our parents were unhappy with my actions or behavior…Thank you!

Awesome and thoughtful gifts.

They really took the time to think of gifts that would stand out or just to send something small to show that they were thinking of me. I still remember going to visit and having a fun surprise waiting on my bed. The package always contained something exciting! It didn’t have to be fancy but it was always great. I still have an old hand me down jewelry box that my grandmother gave me to store all my pretend jewels!

Stories that I liked better than television.

My grandfather would spend hours at bedtime telling captivating stories. I realize now that these stories were filled with life experiences and taught us so many valuable lessons. Back then they were just stories filled with suspense and entertainment. Thank you for your wisdom!

Treats with a twist.

I couldn’t resist this one…My grandparents would always offer us that extra piece of candy or a little extra dessert. They also made treats fun! My grandfather would apply magic and find candy in my ear or under my pillow. My grandmother made sure that we could cook up a treat filled with every imaginable sugary item that I could think of. What could be better than that!

They are always with you even when they aren’t.

All my grandparents have passed away but their memories, values and lessons continue to live inside me. I think of them often and definitely apply their wisdom to my daily life. My grandfather was a writer and inspired creativity. My grandmother was a lady with impeccable style and carried herself with such elegance. Both inspired The SMART Playbook series – a bit of old-fashioned skills for a modern world and hopefully a lot of great life lessons for a new generation.
Whether you are a formal grandparent, a fun-seeking grandparent, a surrogate parent, you are valued and appreciated! Thank you to all grandparents and enjoy the day.

All the best,

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Suzanne is the author of award-winning books,The SMART Playbook series. She lives in CT with her husband and three kids. Before kids, she was an international marketing executive in New York City. With a multi-cultural background, she was raised in more than six countries with four languages. Her career and living overseas taught her the importance of knowing and using the common language of manners and social skills to being your best. Today she is a mom with a mission, inspired to communicate social skills in a modern world to a new generation.
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